Hi lovelies! ^^
Well today I did a decor post, yes I‘m kind of late with some things, I’m sorry, my time is really short, but I hope you like my idea and take inspiration <3
Many of the items are recent releases <3


• Lounge • [Con.&floorplan.] Hanging Love Seat – PG @ Uber (New) {tegan.serin and ValiantCo}
• Books • floorplan.&Willow. apothecary books @ Collabor88 (New) {tegan.serin}
• Fox • *MishMish* Little Fox – Black 1 @ Collabor88 (New) {aime.takaaki}
• Llama • +Half-Deer+ Lovely Little Llama – Charcoal @ Xiasumi Festival (New) {halogen.magic}
• Painted Log Slice • +Half-Deer+ Painted Log Slice – White-Tailed Deer {halogen.magic}
• Mushroom • +Half-Deer+ Jewel Mushroom – Obsidian (Straight) {halogen.magic}
•  The Sheltering Leaf • +Half-Deer+ The Sheltering Leaf – Brown {halogen.magic}
• Campfire • {vespertine}campfire {amelie.knelstrom}
• Lanter • floorplan. lantern clock / black {tegan.serin}
• Heart • [Con] Rope Heart @ Uber  (New) {ValiantCo}
• Star • :CP: Louis’ Star Light {Isla Gealach}
• Pumpkins • :CP: Chloe’s Pumpkins {Isla Gealach}
• Lantern • :CP: Louis’ Star Lantern {Isla Gealach}
• Table •  :CP: Louis’ Side Table {Isla Gealach}
• Tray •  :CP: Louis’ Chalkboard Tray {Isla Gealach}
• Chair • :CP: Louis’ Willow Chair A and B  {Isla Gealach}
• Books • Zigana . books trunk {nalena.fairey}
• Fence • {vespertine} upcycled fence town/autumn  {amelie.knelstrom}
• Party Lights • [we’re CLOSED] party lights {Wendy Xeno}



Hi ♥

Another amazing round of Collabor88 started, and if you have already visitted, you are as impressed as i do,
everything is so creative and beautiful,
as always the stores do their best to follow the theme and always manage to create this incredible work.
If you don’t know the theme of this month is Safari Chic, you can see the Moodboard and CollorPalette at the end of the post ❤

I hope you like it ❤

xoxo ♥

• Skin • [ MUDSKIN ]_Anis_Blonde eyebrow_tone6 (New) {sopha.portal}
• Blush • [ MUDSKIN ]_Anis_Blush4 (New) {sopha.portal}
• Applier/Mouth • [ MUDSKIN ]__Loud Mouth_Deanna (New) {sopha.portal}
• Applier /Body • [ MUDSKIN ] Slink Body Applier_Tone6 (New) {sopha.portal}
• Body • Slink Physique Mesh Body (New) {Siddean Munro}
• Mouth • .Loud Mouth. – Alli {Closed} {brias.stardust}
• Eyes • [UMEBOSHI] Spirited Eyes -Ink- @ The Seasons Story  (New) {keiba}
• Hair • Clawtooth: Adventure Girl – Blonde Redhead @ Collabor88 (New) {Bubbles Clawtooth}
• Nails Polish • [theSkinnery] Slink Carbon Nails Appliers {umazuma.metaluna}
• Necklace • (Yummy) Safari Wood Beads @ Collabor88 (New) {Polyester Partridge}
• Bracelet • (Yummy) Tiger Cuff – Gold – R @ Collabor88 (New) {Polyester Partridge}
• Bracelet • ISON – safari tribe bracelet (onyx) @ Collabor88 (New) {Harry Hyx}
• Bag • ::{u.f.o}::sapari chic shoulder bag – python black fringe @ Collabor88 (New) {charming.meiler}
• Camera • :::LP::: Fooli Film_Camera – Black (21) RARE (New) {yani.tryce}
• Blouse • -tres blah- Khaki Blouse  – Caramel @ Collabor88  (New) {Julliette Westerburg}
• Shorts • -tres blah- Khaki Shorts  – Brown @ Collabor88 (New) {Julliette Westerburg}
• Sandals • Ingenue :: Explorer Sandals :: Bark @ Collabor88 (New) {betty.doyle}
• Pose • Le Poppycock-Love light @TCF (New) {Olivia Lalonde}

• D e c o r •
• Rivershire • Trompe Loeil – Rivershire Waterwheel Collabor88 (New) {cory.edo}
• Chair • Trompe Loeil – Rivershire Chair with Pillow Collabor88 (New) {cory.edo}
• Chair • floorplan. hemingway chair Collabor88 (New) {tegan.serin}
• Map • floorplan. explorer map Collabor88 (New) {tegan.serin}
• Bunny • *MishMish* Tiki Bunny Statue A @ The Seasons Story (New) {aime.takaaki}
• Fence • A.D.D.Andel! Rope Fence @ The Seasons Story (New) {Andel Rhiadra}
• Gazelle • +Half-Deer+ Thomson’s Gazelle Collabor88 (New) {Halogen Magic}
• Deer • +Half-Deer+ Standing Deer – Shadow (Static) {Halogen Magic}
• Campfire • [we’re CLOSED] campfire (gift) {Wendy Xeno}
• Grass • [we’re CLOSED] grass field green 04 – round {mandingo.quan}
• Tree • [we’re CLOSED] tree  bare {mandingo.quan}



Hi sweeties ❤
My post today contains several lovely news for you!
I found this top from the store :: C’est la vie! :: gorgeous, Its texture is so cute ❤
My collection of jewelry is from the store lagyo, he is currently in Collabor88!
Sweet Sopha launched appliers for Slink Mesh Body Physique, I found its skin so beautiful in the body,
and matched perfectly with the new skin from the store. :: Mother Goose’s. ::
I have some news for you ❤ After a long time i have finally opened my store in the world, sorry for the delay,
{Imeka}  land was decorated by me and i hope you all like it! ❤

• Skin • .::Mother Goose’s::. MiChi_IV(A)01 (New) {milok.hermit}
• Lips • -tb- {Light/Pale} Orange You Nice Lippie {Julliette Westerburg}
• Body • Slink Physique Mesh Body (New) {Siddean Munro}
• Body Applier • Enfant—Slink Physique Skin Applier (New) {sopha.portal}
• Hair • “”D!va”” Hair “Yuko” (Type-A)(Rad amber)  {Marisa Kira}
• Necklace • LaGyo_Sailor necklace Gold @ Collabor88 (New) {gyorgyna.larnia}
• Earring • LaGyo_starfish earring Gold @ Collabor88 (New) {gyorgyna.larnia}
• Bag • {imeka} Flowery Mini Bag {Green} {NatiWilliams}
• Top • ::C’est la vie !:: Mee Ruffled tankTop(leaf)mesh- (New) {larcoco.mathy}
• Shorts • -tb- Astrid Denim Cut Offs – Light Wash @Summerfest (New) {Julliette Westerburg}
• Sandals • Ingenue :: Ami Sandals (Slink Add-On) :: Citrus @Summerfest (New) {betty.doyle}
• Pose and Location • {Imeka}

• D e c o r •
• Lounger • :CP: Westbury Garden Lounger w/Vines  {Isla Gealach}
• Fort • :CP: Val’s Fort (New) {Isla Gealach}
• Campfire • [we’re CLOSED] campfire {Wendy Xeno}
• Boxs • {vespertine-pattern trinket box junk} (New) {amelie.knelstrom}
• Box • {vespertine– opened memories trinket box} (New) {amelie.knelstrom}


Hi lovelies! ♥
Are you excited for Summerfest? It opens its doors to the public tomorrow June 22th,
and this year have such great creators, everything is so beautiful!
Today I came to show you a small part of the items you will find there.
The store -tb- made incredible items! As always surprising me, this time released a lovely set, the kimono comes with a hud that lets you change the color of the top,
a huge variety of colors and you also have the option of letting the top invisible in the hud! You will also find this gorgeous shorts,
it is available in 7 different tons, you can see them all in Julliette Flickr<3
(Yummy) made these beautiful sandals for Summerfest, so unique, I love it’s details, it’s so well done ❤

Hope you enjoy the post, see ya ^ ^

• Skin • (fd) Bird Skin – Matte Cateye 4 (Light Brown Brows) {Toast Bard}
• Eyes • {S0NG} :: Sweety~ Light Grey Eye {funeral.plutonian}
• Hair • !lamb. Song @ Collabor88 (New) {Lamb Bellic}
• Crow • =Zenith=Peony Corolla {Miffyhoi Rosca}
• Juice • BALACLAVA!! Yellow Slushie @Summerfest (New) {uriah.eulenberg}
• Kimono • -tb- Summer Kimono  – Floral  @Summerfest (New) {Julliette Westerburg}
• Shorts • -tb- Astrid Denim Cut Offs  – Medium Wash @Summerfest (New) {Julliette Westerburg}
• Sandals • (Yummy) Gemstone Sandals – Left – Confetti @Summerfest (New) {Polyester Partridge}
• Towel • The Loft Anchor Towel Hers Yellow @ The Arcade {colleen.desmoulins}
• Pose 2 • {Imeka} Julliette – Pose Pack @ TLC Poser Pavilion (New) {NatiWilliams}

• D e c o r •

• Lights • [we’re CLOSED] party lights S {Wendy Xeno}
• Chair • MudHoney Ava Beach Chair – brown (New) {Rayvn Hynes}
• Ottoman • MudHoney Ava Beach Ottoman – brown (New) {Rayvn Hynes}
• Umbrella • MudHoney Ava Umbrella – yellow (New) {Rayvn Hynes}
• Sign • llorisen // eclectic hello sign RARE (copy) @ The Arcade {Elsa Wellesley}
• Bread • O.M.E.N – Summer in Japan – Bunny bread – Green @Summerfest (New) {damascusvera}
• Breakfast • O.M.E.N – Summer in Japan – Breakfast – Blue @Summerfest (New) {damascusvera}
• Cat •  d-lab gang cat2-Licio(rez) @ The Arcade {dazai Voom}
• Cat •  d-lab  d-lab gang cat2-Mosca(rez) @ The Arcade {dazai Voom}
• Cart • .:Standby Inc. – Ice Cream Cart (Blue) @Summerfest (New) {StandbyInc}


Hi lovelies! ♥
This month I’ve been pretty busy in my RL, sorry! I did a post for you using various lovely items from events like Collabor88, The Garden and TCF,
the designers made this month such creative items as always!
The store Lark launched this adorable Jumper I love it’s model and the textures are very well made!
My hair is a launching from the store [Due], I’m in love with this hair i love it’s Ginger tone pack, so perfect!
The Enfant store made this lovely skin! I confess that I was crazy about new releases of skins from Sopha, since they are my favorite!
I used to decorate items from the store *ionic*, always so unique. The store {what next} launched this gorgeous bench,
available in various textures and colors of different wood.
Well the store HPMD* finally launched its road and trees, I confess that I am very happy about it,
I was waiting for quite a while, and now they are available! Visit the store and see everything!
see ya ^_^’

136-01-bynatiwilliams 136-02-bynatiwilliams
• Skin • Enfant—Doll1_normal.ver_C2 @ Kustom9 (New) {sopha.portal}
• Hair • [Due] Lulu (New) {dubled}
• Eyes • [UMEBOSHI] Lunar2 -Coco- @ TGGS (New) {keiba}
• Tattoo • [y] My Thigh Tattoo – Sea (New) {Zoya Neaph}
• Nail Polish • (NO) Art Nails for SLINK – Cherry @ Collabor88 (New) {Nylon Pinkney}
• Glasses • Intrigue Co. – Twitterpated Shades: Mint @ Collabor88 (New) {Katharine McGinnis}
• Necklace • LaGyo_Mary necklace (swallows and flowers) Gold @ Collabor88 (New) {gyorgyna.larnia}
• Bag • ::C’est la vie !:: beads&fringe bag gacha(leather turquoise)-co @TCF (New) {larcoco.mathy}
• Ice Cream •*Tentacio* cornetto choco @ Kustom9 (New) {May Tolsen}
• Jumper • Lark – Regina Jumper  – Red Polka Dot @ Collabor88 (New) {Sienia Trevellion}
• Sandals • {Mango Cheeks} Melu Sandals: Coal/Robin (Slink FLAT) @TCF (New) {Kelly Bellman}
• Pose • {Imeka} Lucy Pose Pack @ Kustom9 (New) {NatiWilliams}

• Gate • {vespertine -iron garden gate – moss } (New) {amelie.knelstrom}
• House • *ionic* La Boheme : RARE (New) {lakua Arriaga}
• Lantern • AF Feuilles Lantern  @ The Garden (New) {warehousefifteendesigns}
• Sign •  floorplan. preux sign (New) {tegan.serin}
• Dolls • *ionic* Boho love @TCF (New) {lakua Arriaga}
• Chair • *ionic* My handmade chair @TCF (New) {lakua Arriaga}
• Swing • {what next) White Bramley Porch Swing (short) (New) {Winter Thorn}
• Table •[Brixley] Flower Storage Table (New) {isabelle.requiem}
• Hanging Leaves • *ionic*  hanging leaves (cyan&pink) @TCF (New) {lakua Arriaga}
• Lights  • *ionic* La Ventana @TCF (New) {lakua Arriaga}
• Block Letters • [we’re CLOSED] block letters colors (unpack) (New) {Wendy Xeno}
• Bench • junk. garden bench. blue. (New) {Tab Tatham}
• Bucket of lemonades • [ keke ] bucket of lemonades – red @ The Garden (New) {kean.kelly}
• Planter • +Half-Deer+ Beary Spring Planter – Brown (New) {Halogen Magic}
• Bucket • junk. tealight bucket. red. @ Kustom9 (New) {Tab Tatham}
• Vase • AF L’Olivier @ The Garden (New) {warehousefifteendesigns}
• Lemonade • [ keke ] lemonade – @ The Garden (New) {kean.kelly}
• Path • {vespertine – tile skipping path/orient} {amelie.knelstrom}
• Road • HPMD* Dirt Road (New) {sasaya.kayo}
• Tree • HPMD* Garden Tree07 – a (New) {sasaya.kayo}
• Shrub • HPMD* Shrub – green*a (New) {sasaya.kayo}


 ~Hi lovelies! ♥
I’m so excited for the arcade and I bet you are too, there are so many incredible items, and today I posted some.
The store Lark launched amazing items that will be in The Arcade,
I loved the idea of them, there are 17 Commons & 2 Rare Bikes Props with movable accessories,
they can be modified and you can unlink the food to remove the signs if you want.
Pizza made this cute Beret, with the theme of fruits, flowers and rare version, they are all so adorable and creative, check out all on her flickr
U.f.o & B.C.C are together in this month of C88, both made beautiful items, I loved these shoes and pants! Do not forget to visit the C88 in case you haven’t yet!
I was looking for new skins for me, and I remembered from the -tb-, I’m a lover of the store, and I think the face of their skins is so sweet and unique!
Good luck on gacha and have fun, remembering that if you want to be apart of the news visit The Arcade website! ❤
See ya ^ _ ^
• Skin • -tb- {Pale} Blessa: Sun Kissed {Julliette Westerburg}
• Freckles • *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Freckles_Light {sopha.portal}
• Hair • !lamb. Xtal (Mesh) – Kit Kat @C88 (New) {Lamb Bellic}
• Nails Polish • Nailed It
• Beret • Pizza’s Farmer’s Market Beret- Baneener {octagons.yazimoto}
• Scarf • -tb-Wrapped Scarf – Webbed {Julliette Westerburg}
• Bag • Lark – Market Bag (Lemons) @ The Arcade {Sienia Trevellion}
• Tee • {mon tissu} Joy Tee – Mon Tissu Soiree Gift {Anouk Spot}
• Pants • u.f.o & B.C.C – point damage vintage denim – indigo – @C88 (New) {charming.meiler}
• Shoes • u.f.o & B.C.C About Time Walker Shoes Ivory @C88 (New) {vitamingirl}
• Pose • {Imeka}

• Decor •

• Decor  • Lark –  (Soon – @ The Arcade ){Sienia Trevellion}
• Table • [Brixley] Farmhouse Table – darkwood @ Kustom9 (New) {Isabelle Requiem}
• Bird • HPMD* Little Birds — green — type A {sasaya.kayo}
• Lights • [we’re CLOSED] party lights L2 (New) {Wendy Xeno and mandingo.quan}


Hi lovelies ❤ ^_^
Today I made a post using the new dress from the store {B.C.C} the model is so cute and sweet, I love the colors available. So smooth.
And to match the dress I used the Crown of flowers also from the store {B.C.C} I thought she was perfect with this hair,
Tyr is one of the latest releases from TRUTH the store is unique as always!
To my decorating in this environment i used some releases from the store [we’re CLOSED] that are my favorites when it comes
to garden, they look perfect in any environment, Even if it’s darker or more sweet like this, visit the store and see all the releases!
In the corner of my second picture you can see a sweet tray, it is KARMMA’s new launching, i particulary loved the textures,
I love all these colors together, these goodies seem so delicious : D

Hope you enjoy the post see ya ♥
• Skin • [theSkinnery] Zoey – Bare face (champagne) @TCF (New) {umazuma.metaluna}
• Freckles • [theSkinnery] Zoey – freckles@TCF  (New) {umazuma.metaluna}
• Hair • TRUTH HAIR Tyr (New) {Truth Hawks}
• Crown • B.C.C Vintage Pom Pom Flower Crown Ivory {vitamingirl}
• Necklace • LaGyo_Morgana’s necklace (unicorn’s blood and butterflies) {gyorgyna.larnia}
• Nails Polish • Nailed It – The Style Icon Set (New) {giela.delpaso}
• Dress • {B.C.C} Jane Empire Dress Ivory XS @ The Seraphim Social (New) {vitamingirl}
• Pet • !Ohmai: Mochi Mouse (Pet Ver – Hold) {Anya Ohmai}
• Butterflies • !Ohmai: Butterflies Aplenty [Ver2] {Anya Ohmai}

• Tree • [we’re CLOSED] light tree (New) {mandingo.quan and Wendy Xeno}
• Dry weed • [we’re CLOSED] dry weed S (New) {mandingo.quan and Wendy Xeno}
• Fence • [we’re CLOSED] old fence 1 (New) {mandingo.quan and Wendy Xeno}
• Swing • [we’re CLOSED] swing white wood {mandingo.quan and Wendy Xeno}
• Lights • [we’re CLOSED] party lights L2 (New) {mandingo.quan and Wendy Xeno}
• Tree • HPMD* Garden Tree04 – brown 2A  {sasaya.kayo}
• Grass • (Mesh)HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass06  {sasaya.kayo}
• Tray • KARMMA – Tea time tray (deco) (New) {Calypso Clip}
• Tools • KARMMA– Gardening tools (New) {Calypso Clip}
• Paint • KARMMA – Paint (New) {Calypso Clip}