Hi sweeties! ♥
The fair Cutie Moon has began, ^ ^ this is a fair dedicated to Sailor Moon!
Sailor Moon is a manga series created by Naoko Takeuchi and adapted as anime series by Toei Animation.
If you have 20 years or more, you must remember Sailor Moon, inspired by shoujo (manga targeted to girls)
written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi, the animated series told the story of Usagi Tsukino, ordinary teenager who
finds a talking cat that transforms her in a warrior of good, even with a magic tiara and more, it’s so cute. Well, it that’s basically it.
A new version of the anime, also inspired by the classic manga was announced, I confess that i’m crazy for it. Well then,
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal, the new series will debut in July and will have a simultaneous worldwide broadcast by Japanese Nicoco site.
While you wait, check out the fair and have fun with so many incredible items that are available out there ^ _ ^

130-01-bynatiwilliams 130-02-bynatiwilliams
• Skin • *(OO)*YUKI_Sailor Gacha RARE Skin @ Cutie Moon Fair (New) {ooyuki.mint}
• Eyes • [UMEBOSHI] Zen eyes -Light blue- @ Cutie Moon Fair (New) {keiba}
• Hair • /Wasabi Pills/ Bunny Mesh Hair – @ Cutie Moon Fair (New) {MissAllSunday Lemon}
• Nail Polish • Nailed It – I ❤ U 2 Set {giela.delpaso}
• Tattoo • NEO** : Every Heart –  Moon @ Cutie Moon Fair (New) {briceneo}
• Earrings • .tsg. PrismPower Earring – *MarsxGold* @ Cutie Moon Fair (New) {eilfie.sugarplum}
• Bow • Noodles – Sailor Hair Bow Moon RARE @ Cutie Moon Fair (New) {natalee.oodles}
• Necklace • Cutie Moon Fair Locket (Wear & Click) @ Cutie Moon Fair (GIFT)
• Sailor Wand • ISON + tulip. Sailor Wand (Moon) @ Cutie Moon Fair (New) {Harry Hyx} and {Minami Susanowa}
• Kitten • Birdy/Alchemy – Lunar Kitten  – White – Yellow (New) {Tyr Rozenblum and nina.helix}
• Ring • .tsg. PrismPower Ring – *MoonxGold* 3 @ Cutie Moon Fair (New) {eilfie.sugarplum}
• Compact •  .tsg. Hoshi Crystal Compact *Open* @ Cutie Moon Fair (New) {eilfie.sugarplum}
• Wings • +Half-Deer+ Tiny Angel Wings (static) {Halogen Magic}
• Bag • .Atomic. Scout Bag {Gacha} – 1 @ Cutie Moon Fair (New) {Ivy Graves}
• Stockings • .Atomic. Scout Stockings – Moon @ Cutie Moon Fair (New) {Ivy Graves}
• Dress • The Secret Store – Sweet Sailor Dress – Moon – @ Cutie Moon Fair (New) {Maylee Oh}
• Shoes • fri. – Venus.Heels (Cherry) @ Cutie Moon Fair (New) {Darling Monday}

• Pose • flowey. Cutie Moons (Special Edition) @ Cutie Moon Fair (New) {flutter.memel}



Hi sweeties!
The store Fashionably dead did this lovely skin for Skin Fair, I particularly loved her, and surely is my favorite!
Her makeup are perfect and delicate. Have a look at the event! ^ ^
Today I posted some items that are in Collabor88, the store  Tee*fy and The Secret Store made lovely items,
I love the colors used on them, this skirt has such a beautiful and unique stamp, and always clear with excellent textures!
You know that this model of shoes that the store The Secret Store made is definitely my style,
it is available in a lot of colors which is perfect to match various outfits!

Hope you enjoy the post, see ya ^ ^

127-01-bynatiwilliams 127-02-bynatiwilliams
• Skin • (fd) 01 – Ombre Brow Brown @ Skin Fair  (New) {Toast Bard}
• Makeup • (fd) Makeup 01 – Bright Eyes Sea @ Skin Fair  (New) {Toast Bard}
• Hair • TRUTH HAIR Maisy (New) {Truth Hawks}
• Ducky • Birdy/Alchemy – Spring Babes – Ducky – Lemon @ The Chapter Four (New) {Tyr Rozenblum and nina.helix}
• Flowers • The Secret Store – Wild Flowers – Bouquet/Daisies @ The Arcade (New) {Maylee Oh}
• Bag • Noodles – Meg Satchel Yellow @ The Arcade (New) {natalee.oodles}
• Blouse • Tee*fy Marlene Blouse White/Apple Green @ C88  (New) {azure.electricteeth}
• Skirt • Tee*fy Marley Skirt Pull Shapes @ C88 (New) {azure.electricteeth}
• Shoes • The Secret Store – Oxford Heels [Slink Feet] – Kelly Green @ C88 (New) {Maylee Oh}
• Pose • {Imeka}Juice-Pose 4 (New) {NatiWilliams}

•  D e c o r  •

• Coffee • .aisling. Bric-a-Brac Desk -Coffee- @ The Arcade (New) {druunah.esharham}
• Daisies • -tb- Spring Living – Daisies @ The Arcade (New) {Julliette Westerburg}

• Camper • -tb- Vintage Camper – Pale Yellow @ The Arcade (New) {Julliette Westerburg}
• Table • *ionic* pastel cafe set (table) bordeaux {lakua Arriaga}
• Chair • -tb- Spring Living – Chair (Yellow) @ The Arcade (New) {Julliette Westerburg}
• Chair • -tb-  Spring Living – Chair (Pink) @ The Arcade (New) {Julliette Westerburg}
• Love • -tb- Spring Living – Love RARE @ The Arcade (New) {Julliette Westerburg}
• Books • -tb- Spring Living – Vintage Books @ The Arcade (New) {Julliette Westerburg}
• Kitty • Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Nala the Siamese Flame @ The Arcade (New) {Katharine McGinnis}
• Vase • The Secret Store – Wild Flowers – Mixed Flowers Vase – RARE @ The Arcade (New) {Maylee Oh}
• Clothesline • -tb- Spring Living – Clothesline @ The Arcade (New) {Julliette Westerburg}


Hi lovelies!  ^_^
My post is late and I wanted to say sorry about that, it’s that lately I’ve been having no little time to make posts,
my RL is a rush with school and work, it is good for me, but’s also bad because i will not be posting with frequency here on my blog,
I promise that everytime i have i’ll be here sharing with you these wonderful items!
Well today I did my first special post for Collabor88 of this month. The theme for this month is Supernova,
you can see the color palette at the end of the post. ^^
I particularly found the theme super fun, and the items that the designers have created are super creative, I love the mix of colors,
they are so different and flashy, nothing better than mixing space with these colors ❤
If you haven’t looked yet, run you will love the variety of creative items ❤

see ya ♥

119-01-bynatiwilliams 119-02-bynatiwilliams
• Skin • .Atomic. Skin {Muse} Milk – Supernova – Brown Brow @ Collabor88 (New) {Ivy Graves}
• Lips • .Atomic. Skin {Muse} Supernova Lip – 1 @ Collabor88 (New) {Ivy Graves}
• Lashes • – Glam Affair – Shironuri lashes 1 – pink {M4ri1yn Magic}
• Hair • Clawtooth: Moonage Daydream – Be Mine @ Collabor88 (New) {Bubbles Clawtooth}
• Earring • (Yummy) Planet Lover Earring @ Collabor88 (New) {Polyester Partridge}
• Necklace • Amala  – The All Seeing Eye Necklace – Rose {crystalny}
• Necklace • LaGyo_Mirte necklace Gold @ Collabor88 (New) {gyorgyna.larnia}
• Bangle • LaGyo Mirte bangle L Gold @ Collabor88 (New) {gyorgyna.larnia}
• Hairpin • ::{u.f.o}::planet planet hairpin @ Collabor88 (New) {charming.meiler}
• Raygun • ~silentsparrow~ & Schadenfreude RAYGUN! (noisy cricket) @ Collabor88 (New) {hyasynth.tiramisu}
• Coffee • 8f8 – CEO Coffee-To-Go CUP (Rez me) – LUXURIOUS @ Collabor88 (New) {8f8}
• Shirt • (NO) White Belly Tank @ Collabor88 (New) {Nylon Pinkney}
• Leggings • (NO) Nebula Leggings – Pink Galaxy @ Collabor88 (New) {Nylon Pinkney}
• Jacket • The Secret Store – Aerolite Jacket – Roses @ Collabor88 (New) {Maylee Oh}
• Shorts • The Secret Store – Balloon Shorts – Pansy @ Collabor88 (New) {Maylee Oh}
• Boots • Schadenfreude Astro Antigrav Boots @ Collabor88 (New) {Allegory Malaprop}
• Pose • dfo! [du5] one person to make you feel special {willa.whybrow}

• Decor •
• Led • !Ohmai : LED Drapery @ Collabor88 (New) {Anya Ohmai}
• Lamp • flowey / moon lamp (ceiling/deco) @ Collabor88 (New) {flutter.memel}
• Lamp • Intrigue Co. – Rocket Lava Lamp: Big Bang – Black @ Collabor88 (New) {Katharine McGinnis}
• Naraka • *MishMish* Naraka @ Collabor88 (New) {aime.takaaki}
• Uralia • *MishMish* Uralia @ Collabor88 (New) {aime.takaaki}
• Star • *MishMish* Hanging Star @ Collabor88 (New) {aime.takaaki}
• Astropork • !Ohmai : Astropork Light IV @ Collabor88 (New) {Anya Ohmai}
• Astropork • !Ohmai : Astropork Light II @ Collabor88 (New) {Anya Ohmai}
• Astropork • !Ohmai Astropork Light I @ Collabor88 (New) {Anya Ohmai}
• Tray of Treats • flowey‘s original supernova date / tray of treats @ Collabor88 (New) {flutter.memel}
• Helmet • *katat0nik* (purple) Space Kitty Helmet (mesh) @ Collabor88 (New) {Katat0nik Pidgeon}
• Balloons • Exposeur/Decoy – Stellar (Mechadollie) – @ Collabor88 (New) {Annette Voight/RubyStarlight Writer}
• Lamp • A.D.D.Andel! Galaxy Lamp-Blue @ Collabor88 (New) {Andel Rhiadra}
• Alien • [][] bs [][] and Noodles – Fuzzy Alien @ Collabor88 (New)  {heath.pevensey}




Hi Cuties!!

Well today I made another special post about The Arcade, you probably already went there and had a look at everything,
and I bet you’re loving it as well as I! * Hehe * It’s all so creative,
the creators made this winter so cute in Second Life, everything is so perfect to decorate and dress up!
My hair is the Gift from the Store TRUTH from this month, it comes with the hud “varied colors”,
I really loved this model and its detail, run and grab yours!
These cutes scattered Penguins are a launch from the store *Mishmish* I really loved each one of them,
they are all so cute and creative, perfect for decorating your home, shop, any place, they fit perfectly in everything for the winter!
And for my Penguins nothing better than an igloo isn’t it? the store {what next} launched adorable Igloos for The Arcade,
all so beautiful, I used in the post the reare version, so * warm * You can see all here!
There are some news in this post, my second video, I don’t know if you remember the first one
I did about the AO that was at the event Designers United, if you haven’t seen yet, here’s the link.
My video for this post is to show items from the store Lark for The Arcade, I really wanted to do something special for them,
so this was the best I could do.
Lark – Frostivus Eve, is simply one of my favorite items of this round of The Arcade, well Sienia is always surprising me more and more with her creations,
this set is actually something that I love having in my house in sl, it is so inspiring,
I caught myself looking at it for a long time, and added a song in the video that I think fits very well with the weather, as you can see in the post ^ _ ^
I also posted some items that will be soon in the event The Chapter Four, all simply incredible, my store {Imeka~}
Will you be participating in this round with Pose Pack Lu, you can see them in the end of the post.

Well visit the event and see all the cute items that the creators made for you

Hope you enjoy the post, and Happy Winter! ^^


101-01-bynatiwilliams 101-02-bynatiwilliams
• Skin • Enfant—Laria_C2 Base {sopha.portal}
• Eyes • [UMEBOSHI] for (marukin) Intense dark brown eyes *large {keiba}
• Hair • TRUTH HAIR Fernanda (New-Gift) {Truth Hawks}
• Bow • *katat0nik* (icing) Carousel Hair Bow @ The Arcade (New) {Katat0nik Pidgeon}
• Bunny Plushie • *katat0nik* (silver/thin) Bunny Plushie Stole  @ Main Event (New) {Katat0nik Pidgeon}
• Ring • MG – RING – LoveHeart – Large – R {Maxi Gossamer}
• Ring • Shakeup! Luna Ring [18] RARE @ The Arcade (New) {Carrie Janick}
• Grace Wand • *BOOM* Grace Wand -Crown- (Rose Gold/Aquamarine) @ The Arcade (New) {aranel.ah}
• Jacket/Dress • Curio Obscura – Belted Fur Jacket Pink with White @ The Arcade (New) {Pandora Wrigglesworth}
• Backpack • .Birdy. Deer Backpack {Snow} @The Chapter Four (New) {nina.helix}
• Socks • ~Cannibelle~ Bow Seam Overknee Socks – Pastel Pink {Annabelle Couturier}
• Boots • :NuDoLu: Bottes fluffy – Chien blanc RARE @The Chapter Four (New) {Neuilles Neuman}
• Pose • {Imeka~}Lu- Pose Pack @The Chapter Four (New) {NatiWilliams}


• Lights • HPMD* Color Lights – (New) {sasaya.kayo}
• Road • HPMD* Snowy Road (New) {sasaya.kayo}
• Tree Tunnel • Skye Enchanted Tree Tunnel main {Alex Bader}
• Rocks • Skye Snow Formations 7 Rocks (New) {Alex Bader}
• Tree • HPMD* Winter Tree 2013 – b (white branch) (New) {sasaya.kayo}
• Penguin • *MishMish* Penguin Gacha – Mom and Son @ The Arcade (New) {aime.takaaki}
• Penguin • *MishMish* Penguin Gacha – Playing with cubes @ The Arcade (New) {aime.takaaki}
• Penguin • *MishMish* Penguin Gacha – Skating @ The Arcade (New) {aime.takaaki}
• Penguin • *MishMish* Penguin Gacha – Belly Slide @ The Arcade (New) {aime.takaaki}
• Penguin • *MishMish* Penguin Gacha – Ice Pond 15×15 RARE @ The Arcade (New) {aime.takaaki}
• Star • floorplan. star marquee {tegan.serin}
• Igloo • {what next} Snowman Igloo – RARE – @ The Arcade (New) {Winter Thorn}


• Winter Base • Lark – Winter Base – RARE @ The Arcade (New) {Sienia Trevellion}
• Lantern • {vespertine}-elfy wooden lantern/texturechange/ @ The Arcade (New) {amelie.knelstrom}
• Globe • (Yummy) Holiday Snow Globe – Ballerina @ The Arcade (New) {Polyester Partridge}
• Balls • [ keke ] boxed glass balls – frost RARE @ The Arcade (New) {Kean Kelly}
• Globe • floorplan. music snow globe / winter RARE [c/m/nt] @ The Arcade (New) {tegan.serin}
• Boxes • .Olive. the Present for You Giftable Boxes – #2 @ The Arcade (New) {naminaeko}
• Star • Trompe Loeil – Star On A Stick @ The Arcade (New) {cory.edo}
• Globe • *MishMish* Penguin Gacha – Snowglobe B @ The Arcade (New) {aime.takaaki}
• Animals •{vespertine}-secret prize/copy @ The Arcade (New) {amelie.knelstrom}
• Ball • 8f8 Post Apocalyptic Ball – BROKEN DREAMS@ The Arcade (New) {8f8}

• Snow Globe • Miamai_TCS_Snowglobe RARE @ The Arcade (New) {monica.outlander}
• Dragon • Baiastice_BJD Collection-Dragon @ The Arcade (New) {Sissy Pessoa}
• Unicorn • ::HH:: Hucci Arcade Unicorn Believe – Pink Zebra @ The Arcade (New) {eboni.khan}

• Penguin • *MishMish* Penguin Gacha – Sushi Master @ The Arcade (New) {aime.takaaki}
• Snowman • Noodles – Snowman RARE @ The Arcade (New) {natalee.oodles}
• Scarf • Noodles– A Whole New Princess Scarf @ The Arcade (New) {natalee.oodles}
• Hat • Noodles – Snow Who Lived Hat @ The Arcade (New) {natalee.oodles}

• Penguin • *MishMish* Penguin Gacha – Fishing @ The Arcade (New) {aime.takaaki}

{ Video }

• Animals •
Lark – Skating Skunk – RARE @ The Arcade (New) {Sienia Trevellion}
Lark – Skating Fox Girl @ The Arcade ( (New) {Sienia Trevellion}
Lark – Skating Buck @ The Arcade (New) {Sienia Trevellion}
Lark – Skating Goat @ The Arcade (New) {Sienia Trevellion}
Lark – Skating Lamb @ The Arcade (New) {Sienia Trevellion}
Lark – Skating Bear @ The Arcade (New) {Sienia Trevellion}
Lark – Skating Fox Boy @ The Arcade (New) {Sienia Trevellion}
Lark– Skating Raccoon Girl @ The Arcade (New) {Sienia Trevellion}
Lark – Skating Raccoon Boy @ The Arcade (New) {Sienia Trevellion}
Lark – Skating Fox Boy @ The Arcade (New) {Sienia Trevellion}


Hi lovelies ^ ^’
Well today I did a little decoration to show some releases, mostly for events like
Collabor88, FaMESHed, The Chapter Four, Kustom9, Water Lantern Festival, so many events right?
All items are incredible, and perfect for decorating your home for the arrival of winter.
Well today started a new round of FLF, and the items that the stores did are simply adorable,
I posted here items from the store vespertine, +Half-Deer+, {what next}, Teawood, Noodles,
Well those are some of my favourite stores that participate of Fifty Linden Fridays. Be sure to look at everything ❤

Hope you enjoy the post, and happy shopping

92-01-bynatiwilliams 92-02-bynatiwilliams
• Skyloft •{vespertine– equinox attic skyloft} (New)  FLF {amelie.knelstrom}
• Sofa • :CP: Quinn Sofa @FaMESHed (New) {isla.gealach}
• Chair • :CP: Quinn Chair Emerald @FaMESHed (New) {isla.gealach}
• Table • :CP: Voronoi Table @FaMESHed (New) {isla.gealach}
• Books • MudHoney Eva Books @Collabor88 (New) {Rayvn Hynes}
• Book • Lark – Imaginarium Librarium Secret (Gacha) {Sienia Trevellion}
• Tray/Coffee/Cookies : Teawood: Gloomy November Tray (New)  FLF {robinwoodley}
• Chandelier  • Trompe Loeil – Industrial Chandelier Short @Collabor88 (New) {cory.edo}
• Art • MudHoney Eva Art @Collabor88 (New) {Rayvn Hynes}
• Curtain • [Ink] Damage curtain {nontroppo.torii}
• Light • AF Geometric Pendant Light (Gold) @Collabor88 (New) {warehousefifteendesigns}
• Plant • AF Potted Plant (Exotic) {warehousefifteendesigns}
• Drawers • Zigana drawers .dark {Nalena Fairey}
• Books • -tb- Bon Voyage – Books {Julliette Westerburg}
• Blossom • AF Apple Blossom Branches {warehousefifteendesigns}
• Table • Zigana Side table .dark {Nalena Fairey}
• Tea-Time • *Tentacio* tea time head metal @Kustom9 (New) (Gacha) {May Tolsen}
• Kokedama • D R O P . Kokedama – B-1 @ Water Lantern Festival (New) {sayaca Unplugged}
• ArtLight London • ::Fabuleux:: ArtLight London (New) {katuehhh Adderstein}
• ArtLight Star • ::Fabuleux:: Groupgift ArtLight Star (New) {katuehhh Adderstein}
• Lighting • floorplan. industrial lighting @Collabor88  (New) {tegan.serin}
• Eiffel Tower • floorplan. eiffel tower marquee @Collabor88 (New) {tegan.serin}
• House Lantern • {what next} Tiny House Lantern #2 (Group Gift) {Winter Thorn}
• House Lantern • {what next} Tiny House Lantern #3 (Group Gift) {Winter Thorn}
• Mirror • Zigana Weathered mirror {Nalena Fairey}
• Bookcase • {vespertine– old wooden bookcase} (New)  FLF {amelie.knelstrom}
• Table • Zigana . grandpapa`s  studies {Nalena Fairey}
• Chair • Zigana Reused schoolchair . soft dream RARE @The Chapter Four (New) (Gacha) {Nalena Fairey}
• Rug • MudHoney Eva Rug @Collabor88 (New) {Rayvn Hynes}
• Plant • [ARIA] Gaia Zamioculcas plant {yelo.uriza}
• Suitcase • ::Fabuleux::Deco Suitcase beige (New) {katuehhh Adderstein}
• Books • {what next} Row of Books  A (Everyday) {Winter Thorn}
• Paints • *Second Spaces* craft room – paints (Gacha) {Elle Kirshner}
• Caddy •  *Second Spaces* craft room – caddy RARE (Gacha) {Elle Kirshner}
• Ribbons • *Second Spaces* craft room – ribbons (Gacha) {Elle Kirshner}
• Botle • [ keke ] ink bottle – ebony (Gacha) {Kean Kelly}
• Botle •[ keke ] ink bottle – gold (Gacha) {Kean Kelly}
• Botle •[ keke ] ink bottle – rose (Gacha) {Kean Kelly}
• Pen • [ keke ] ink pen – floral RARE (Gacha) {Kean Kelly}
• Pen • [ keke ] [ keke ] ink pen – wood (Gacha) {Kean Kelly}
• Deer Paintbrush • +Half-Deer+ Deer Paintbrush Holder – Shabby Chic (New) FLF {Halogen Magic}
• Deer Paintbrush • +Half-Deer+ Deer Paintbrush Holder – Natural (New) FLF {Halogen Magic}
• Chair • {what next} Cubby Armchair (natural) (New) FLF {Winter Thorn}
• Frame • Noodles – Father Frame (New) FLF {natalee.oodles}


Hi Cuties
aww! Collabor88 is open to the public <3, and you’ve probably been running to see the wonderful items that are round brought,
so many creative items, OMG!
Well my hair is a launch from the store Baiastice, Kiki is super cute and charming, you can purchase it by going to the Collabor88.
The store ::{u.f.o}:: launched this adorable Coat, I loved the colors available, the detail of the shoulder called me much attention,
it seems to be so warm, visit the event and you see it !
This boot is a wonderful launching from the store DECO, I found it very well done, and its texture is beautiful!

Hope you enjoy the post, see ya

86-01-bynatiwilliams 86-02-bynatiwilliams
• Skin • Enfant—Daisy_W2 Base (New) {sopha.portal}
• Eyes • [theSkinery] Maple eye – Indian Summer {umazuma.metaluna}
• Moles •  -Glam Affair –  Elvi – Moles (New) {aida.ewing}
• Hair • Baiastice_Kiki hair – @ Collabor88 (New) {Sissy Pessoa}
• Necklace • Noodles – Lightbulb Necklace Copper @ Collabor88 (New) {natalee.oodles}
• Fox • .Birdy. Curled Artic Fox {s} @ Acid Lily Gallery (New) {nina.helix}
• Coat • ::{u.f.o}::ponpon cape coat – red – @ Collabor88 (New) {charming.meiler}
• Pants • tulip. Alana Jeans  Black  {Minami Susanowa}
• Boots • DECO – MESH Paraboots small (caution) @ Collabor88 (New) {GutterBlood Spoonhammer}
Location – Small town Green


Hi sweeties < 3
Today I am using some of the latest releases from the store .Bird. , both for The Cosmetic Fair Fall , the Rose skin is just lovely ,
I love it’s shape, it is one of my favorite skins from Bird. , the store also made applicators for . Loud Mouth . The lips are so adorable , see all on Dani’s flickr .
The hairs from “”D!va”” are always so perfect , and in Collabor88 this month the store made this charming Ana , available in 2 versions . Simply beautiful !
My sweater is a launching from the store ::{u.f.o}:: for Collabor88 , the colors available are so beautiful , and its texture is lovely , I love the detail of the belt .
Are you aware about the Mini Market? well it is not big, but have some lovely items ,
just like from those from B.C.C , this sandal is simply adorable,
available in 3 colors ( Black , Ivory and Pink ) . My skirt is also a launching from the store, and is available in 4 colors ( Pink , Black , Ivory and Midnight ) .
My Pose is a launching from store {Imeka~} , ( my poses shop ) , you can find her going in kustom9 .

Hope you enjoy the post , see ya ^ _ ^ ‘

74-01-bynatiwilliams 74-02-bynatiwilliams
• Skin • .Birdy. Rose Skin ~Porcelaine~ Romance (Brown) Limited edition @ The Cosmetic Fair Fall (New) {nina.helix}
• Mouth Applier • .Birdy. Rose lips (Balm 4) .Loud Mouth. – Applier HUD @ The Cosmetic Fair Fall (New) {nina.helix}
• Mouth • .Loud Mouth. – Alli {brias.stardust}
• Lashes • *MC* “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD – Pack1 {freya.olivieri}
• Nails Appliers • Nailed It – Love Donna Flora! Set (New) {giela.delpaso}
• Eyes • [theSkinery] Maple eye – Forest @ The Cosmetic Fair Fall (New) {umazuma.metaluna}
• Hair • “”D!va”” Hair “Ana” (Type B)(Amber) @ Collabor88 (New) {Marisa Kira}
• Headband • Noodles – Millie Rose Headband Gold/Beige {natalee.oodles}
• Collar • {mon tissu} Prudence Collar ~ Cream (Group Gift-fee to join) {Elie Spot}
• Ring • LaGyo_Morgana’s ring Gold R @ Collabor88 (New) {gyorgyna.larnia}
• Bag • ::{u.f.o}::minkomink bag – cream {charming.meiler}
• Sweater • ::{u.f.o}::novella knit sweater – green – @ Collabor88 (New) {charming.meiler}
• Skirt • B.C.C Petite baby Skirts Ivory @ Mini Market (New) {vitamingirl}
• Sandals • B.C.C La Luna strap heel Ivory @ Mini Market (New) {vitamingirl}
• Pose • {Imeka~}Sayuri-Pose 4 @ kustom9 (New) {NatiWilliams}