Hi Lovelies ♥
Did you all checked the event TLC? the theme of this month is Dangerous Liaisons, you will find various adorable items there,
and today i came to share a few of them! My hair is part of The Boutique from TLC,
i think it’s super beautiful, and well made, fon’t forget to test the demo before buying it ❤
The store ANE also is participating in this month’s TLC, she did this amazing top, available in various textures!
Now the store {what next} is  in The Garden part, and launched the set Isabelle,
it is beautiful i love this Vanity Table with it’s decorations, so gorgeous.
Now let’s talk shoes! hehe, they are from the store fri.day for the event The Seasons Story,
i love it’s model and its vailable colors!


• Skin • -Glam Affair – Rose – Artic 04 (New) {aida.ewing}
• Eyebrow • -Glam Affair – Rose – Universal Eyebrow 08 Dark blonde (New) {aida.ewing}
• Eyes • [theSkinery] Chocolate eyes – Bittersweet {umazuma.metaluna}
• Nails Polish • Nailed it {giela.delpaso}
• Hair • *~*Damselfly*~*Melissa @ The Boutique (New) {Shylah Honey}
• Crown • ANE  Spring Crown  Rose {anemysk.karu}
• Necklace • LaGyo_Malika horn necklace (New) {gyorgyna.larnia}
• Top • ANE  Sensei V Top  Dusty Flowers @ The Boutique (New) {anemysk.karu}
• Shorts • -tres blah- Khaki Shorts Sand @ Collabor88 (New) {Julliette Westerburg}
• Shoes • fri. – Rebecca.Wedges – @ The Seasons Story (New) {Darling Monday}

• D e c o r •
• Home • Scarlet Creative Carriage Main House {Charlotte Bartlett}
• Sofa • -tb- Charmant Settee – Eggshell {Julliette Westerburg}
• Planter • floorplan. boho ivy planter / mint {tegan.serin}
• Framed • -tb- Framed Picture – Vogue {Julliette Westerburg}
• Framed • -tb-Framed Picture – Ballerina {Julliette Westerburg}
• Framed • -tb- Framed Picture – Marie Antoinette {Julliette Westerburg}
• Treasures •  -tb- Bon Voyage – Stacked Treasures RARE {Julliette Westerburg}
• Set • {what next) Isabelle Vanity Table, Stool & Decor @ The Garden (New) {Winter Thorn}



Hi sweeties! ♥
The fair Cutie Moon has began, ^ ^ this is a fair dedicated to Sailor Moon!
Sailor Moon is a manga series created by Naoko Takeuchi and adapted as anime series by Toei Animation.
If you have 20 years or more, you must remember Sailor Moon, inspired by shoujo (manga targeted to girls)
written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi, the animated series told the story of Usagi Tsukino, ordinary teenager who
finds a talking cat that transforms her in a warrior of good, even with a magic tiara and more, it’s so cute. Well, it that’s basically it.
A new version of the anime, also inspired by the classic manga was announced, I confess that i’m crazy for it. Well then,
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal, the new series will debut in July and will have a simultaneous worldwide broadcast by Japanese Nicoco site.
While you wait, check out the fair and have fun with so many incredible items that are available out there ^ _ ^

130-01-bynatiwilliams 130-02-bynatiwilliams
• Skin • *(OO)*YUKI_Sailor Gacha RARE Skin @ Cutie Moon Fair (New) {ooyuki.mint}
• Eyes • [UMEBOSHI] Zen eyes -Light blue- @ Cutie Moon Fair (New) {keiba}
• Hair • /Wasabi Pills/ Bunny Mesh Hair – @ Cutie Moon Fair (New) {MissAllSunday Lemon}
• Nail Polish • Nailed It – I ❤ U 2 Set {giela.delpaso}
• Tattoo • NEO** : Every Heart –  Moon @ Cutie Moon Fair (New) {briceneo}
• Earrings • .tsg. PrismPower Earring – *MarsxGold* @ Cutie Moon Fair (New) {eilfie.sugarplum}
• Bow • Noodles – Sailor Hair Bow Moon RARE @ Cutie Moon Fair (New) {natalee.oodles}
• Necklace • Cutie Moon Fair Locket (Wear & Click) @ Cutie Moon Fair (GIFT)
• Sailor Wand • ISON + tulip. Sailor Wand (Moon) @ Cutie Moon Fair (New) {Harry Hyx} and {Minami Susanowa}
• Kitten • Birdy/Alchemy – Lunar Kitten  – White – Yellow (New) {Tyr Rozenblum and nina.helix}
• Ring • .tsg. PrismPower Ring – *MoonxGold* 3 @ Cutie Moon Fair (New) {eilfie.sugarplum}
• Compact •  .tsg. Hoshi Crystal Compact *Open* @ Cutie Moon Fair (New) {eilfie.sugarplum}
• Wings • +Half-Deer+ Tiny Angel Wings (static) {Halogen Magic}
• Bag • .Atomic. Scout Bag {Gacha} – 1 @ Cutie Moon Fair (New) {Ivy Graves}
• Stockings • .Atomic. Scout Stockings – Moon @ Cutie Moon Fair (New) {Ivy Graves}
• Dress • The Secret Store – Sweet Sailor Dress – Moon – @ Cutie Moon Fair (New) {Maylee Oh}
• Shoes • fri. – Venus.Heels (Cherry) @ Cutie Moon Fair (New) {Darling Monday}

• Pose • flowey. Cutie Moons (Special Edition) @ Cutie Moon Fair (New) {flutter.memel}


♥ Hi sweeties ! ♥
Today I created a more casual looks and super cute, using some items that are in the event The Chapter Four ,
I really loved the mixture of them in my post , i love to share with you < 3
You ‘ve probably seen this adorable shirt from the store [Deadwool], I found this model super gorgeous and its texture is perfect !
The bow comes separate from the shirt so that you can choose to wear it or not .
The store *COCO* made this wonderful boot with this lovely texture !
awwww I’m loving every color available is definitely one of my favorite , I love it’s style .
My cute pocket kitten is a launching from the store. Birdy. also for the event TCF, it’s gacha and rare ,
it is one of my favorites since I love cats , and I have 8 cats in RL . LOL
My hair is one of the latest releases from the store tram, 4 new releases, they are all so unique , I am a lover of Moca’s hairs ,she is always so creative with her hairstyles .
To make the most perfect look nothing better than a beautiful nails isn’t it?
for this I used the new pack of nails from the store Nailed It called The Style Icon Set , it comes with lovely colors !

see ya ♥
121-01-bynatiwilliams 121-02-bynatiwilliams
• Skin • Enfant—Daisy_C2 Makeup1 {sopha.portal}
• Freckles • [theSkinnery] Zoey – freckles {umazuma.metaluna}
• Hair • tram  D207 hair / maroon (size40) (New) {moca.loup}
• Nails Polish • Nailed It – The Style Icon Set (New) {giela.delpaso}
• Earring • LaGyo_Mabel earring  Black @Love is in the air (New) {gyorgyna.larnia}
• Bracelet • [Crash Republic] Strappy Bracelet – copper trio RARE {Isabelle Requiem}
• Headband • Clawtooth: Temptation Bow Headband (Black Lace) {Bubbles Clawtooth}
• Pet • .Birdy. Pocket pet {Kitty} Grumpy RARE @TCF (New) {nina.helix}
• Bag • COCORONI : kiss me bag Rare5 @Kustom9 (New) {NoSanTa}
• Shirt • [Deadwool] Nimes Denim Shirt – black – @TCF (New) {Masa Plympton}
• Jeans • tulip. Madeline Colored Jeans  Clay {Minami Susanowa}
• Boots • *COCO*_CowboyBootsWithSocks(FloralBlack) @TCF (New) {cocoro Lemon}
• Pose • {Imeka}
• Location – Caprice


Hi lovelies ❤ ^_^
Today I made a post using the new dress from the store {B.C.C} the model is so cute and sweet, I love the colors available. So smooth.
And to match the dress I used the Crown of flowers also from the store {B.C.C} I thought she was perfect with this hair,
Tyr is one of the latest releases from TRUTH the store is unique as always!
To my decorating in this environment i used some releases from the store [we’re CLOSED] that are my favorites when it comes
to garden, they look perfect in any environment, Even if it’s darker or more sweet like this, visit the store and see all the releases!
In the corner of my second picture you can see a sweet tray, it is KARMMA’s new launching, i particulary loved the textures,
I love all these colors together, these goodies seem so delicious : D

Hope you enjoy the post see ya ♥
• Skin • [theSkinnery] Zoey – Bare face (champagne) @TCF (New) {umazuma.metaluna}
• Freckles • [theSkinnery] Zoey – freckles@TCF  (New) {umazuma.metaluna}
• Hair • TRUTH HAIR Tyr (New) {Truth Hawks}
• Crown • B.C.C Vintage Pom Pom Flower Crown Ivory {vitamingirl}
• Necklace • LaGyo_Morgana’s necklace (unicorn’s blood and butterflies) {gyorgyna.larnia}
• Nails Polish • Nailed It – The Style Icon Set (New) {giela.delpaso}
• Dress • {B.C.C} Jane Empire Dress Ivory XS @ The Seraphim Social (New) {vitamingirl}
• Pet • !Ohmai: Mochi Mouse (Pet Ver – Hold) {Anya Ohmai}
• Butterflies • !Ohmai: Butterflies Aplenty [Ver2] {Anya Ohmai}

• Tree • [we’re CLOSED] light tree (New) {mandingo.quan and Wendy Xeno}
• Dry weed • [we’re CLOSED] dry weed S (New) {mandingo.quan and Wendy Xeno}
• Fence • [we’re CLOSED] old fence 1 (New) {mandingo.quan and Wendy Xeno}
• Swing • [we’re CLOSED] swing white wood {mandingo.quan and Wendy Xeno}
• Lights • [we’re CLOSED] party lights L2 (New) {mandingo.quan and Wendy Xeno}
• Tree • HPMD* Garden Tree04 – brown 2A  {sasaya.kayo}
• Grass • (Mesh)HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass06  {sasaya.kayo}
• Tray • KARMMA – Tea time tray (deco) (New) {Calypso Clip}
• Tools • KARMMA– Gardening tools (New) {Calypso Clip}
• Paint • KARMMA – Paint (New) {Calypso Clip}


Hi cuties!
The Emery Store launched this gorgeous Cardigan, it is in the event My Attic, by 95L, available in several different colors,
it comes with the cardigan, plus 3 versions with shirt, I chose a version with shirt, visit the event and do not miss this offer ^ ^
I love everything that the store  *MishMish* makes, Aime once again surprises me with this cute bag,
awww i love the idea of this cute mascot inside the bag! This bag is available at the event The Seasons Story in Gacha.
{B.C.C} Launched definitely one of my favorite pants in the game, I loved both the style and colors of the jeans,
it comes with hud that allows you to change the color of torn knee!
And to complete the look I used the accessories from the store (fd), I love the textures that the store creates, and it’s creativity, they are all for sale at Collabor88. ^ _ ^

Hope you enjoy the post, see ya ♥

114-01-bynatiwilliams 114-02-bynatiwilliams
• Skin • Enfant—Laria_W2_Makeup4 {sopha.portal}
• Eyes • [theSkinnery] Obscurity eye collection – 19 @ TCF (New) {umazuma.metaluna}
• Lips • *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Baby lips5 {sopha.portal}
• Freckles • -Glam Affair – Gemma – Freckles 03 {aida.ewing}
• Hair •!lamb. Pocket Knife (Mesh) – Blur Ombre @ Collabor88 (New) {Lamb Bellic}
• Nail Polish • Nailed It  – Slink – Baiastice’s Yara Set II HUD {giela.delpaso}
• Ribbon • =Zenith=Headband Ribbon(Black) {Miffyhoi Rosca}
• Necklace • (fd) Fox Necklace @ Collabor88 (New) {Toast Bard}
• Camera • {AMITOMO}Vintage Camera Rare#2 @Kustom9 (Gacha) (New) {woomi Latte}
• Bag • *MishMish* The Polar Sleepbag – Black RARE @ The Seasons Story (New) {aime.takaaki}
• Bag • (fd) Girly Satchel – Black @ Collabor88 (New) {Toast Bard}
• Mirror • [mon ami] Cat Hand Mirror – black (Gacha) (New) {backhee}
• Cardigan • Emery – Oversized Cardi Carmin Black (shirt Late) – @ My Attic (New) {sunami.beck}
• Pants • {B.C.C}Call You Mine Patch jeans Vintage @ The Seasons Story (New) {vitamingirl}
• Shoes • (fd) Bunched Heels – Black @ Collabor88 (New) {Toast Bard}
• Pose • {Imeka~}
Location – Neva Sky Villi


Hi lovelies!
Well today I’m using one of the latest releases from the store *Milk*, Cosmos Clinic is a super cute model, I love straight fringe with long hair,
and I think that match very well with my look today, there is a version of this hair for TDR, see on Katt’s flickr.
I’m in love with this sweater, it’s texture is simply perfect, I love this mix of colors, you can purchase it going at The Chapter Four.
The Baiastice Store launched this amazing boot, available in suede (12 colors) and in leather (8 colors).
I found it’s model super elegant, simply beautiful! Take a look at Sissy’s flickr 😀

Hope you enjoy the post, see ya ^ _ ^

113-01-bynatiwilliams 113-02-bynatiwilliams

• Skin • Enfant—Daisy_C2 Base {sopha.portal}
• Eyes • [theSkinnery] Obscurity eye collection @ TCF  {umazuma.metaluna}
• Freckles • -Glam Affair – Gemma – Freckles 03 {aida.ewing}
• Nail Polish • Nailed It – Goth Set HUD {giela.delpaso}
• Hair • *Milk* Hair~Cosmos Clinic (New) {kattington}
• Hat • tram -Bowler hat- (Resizer + Stretch script) {moca.loup}
• Necklace • MiWardrobe – Arabian Days – Necklace – MW {Neftisis Rhiadra}
• Bag • ANE Barrington Bag BLACK/red (mesh)(pose right hand) {anemysk.karu}
• Sweater • *CASHMERE*Rad Sweater Set(checker) @ TCF {gianni.broda}
• Boots • Baiastice_Avani high boot-suede-black-LEFT-size @ The Boutique (New) {Sissy Pessoa}
• Pose • {Imeka~}Daisy Pose Pack @ Kustom9 (New) {NatiWilliams}


Hi sweeties ! ♥
Today I made my second post about Collabor88 of this month, as many of you already know the theme Raw Nostaglia is perfect in my opinion .
The store *{Junbug}* is one of the guests for this month , my dress is one of the items that the store did,
I think is is just gorgeous, the mesh and texture is great too, he ‘s so sexy and elegant , I I’m in love with it’s style !
Besides this color you will find many others in Collabor88 , visit and see for yourself .
My jewelry is a launch from the store Maxi Gossamer beautiful as always , I found it matched very well with the dress !
My mask is a launching from the store *katat0nik* as always, Her items are so cute , and Kat managed to make this cute and elegant mask,
and this is what i loved the most, it’s so delicate ! Available in various colors < 3
My hair is launching from the store ISON , he is so charming and elegant ,
I love the color palette that Ison uses in his hair , and today I chose the color Dip Dye of Hud 03 .

Hope you enjoy the post , see ya < 3


• Skin • Enfant—Daisy_C2 Makeup3 {sopha.portal}
• Hair •  ISON – Amber Collabor88 (New) {Harry Hyx}
• Mask • *katat0nik* (love/bow) Missing You Mask Collabor88 (New) {Katat0nik Pidgeon}
• Nail Polish • Nailed It – Slink – Raw Nostalgia Set HUD  (New) {giela.delpaso}
• Necklace • MG – Necklace – Tallulah Drop – GOLD Collabor88 (New) {Maxi Gossamer}
• Earrings • MG– Earrings – Tallulah Drop – GOLD Collabor88 (New) {Maxi Gossamer}
• Dress • *{Junbug}* Instant Crush in Pearl Collabor88 (New) {juno.mantel}
• Pose • (marukin) [passion] seasons of the roses Collabor88 (New) {valencia.southard}