• Body • Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara {Onyx LeShelle}
• Skin • Enfant-–Honey#Bare_NE_C1 (New) {sopha.portal}
• Eyes • NINI:3     Milu eyes_black {backhee}
• Branches • {Imeka} Sakura Branches – Headpiece {Color 4} @Kawaii Project {Natiwilliams}
• Hair •  tram F314 hair (Soon- TSS) {moca Loup}
• Ribbon • B.C.C Canna Head Ribbon Navy (Soon- TSS) {vitamingirl}
• Bag • B.C.C Canna Lucky Bag -Blue flowers F (Soon- TSS) {vitamingirl}
• Dress • B.C.C Canna Sailor Hanbok Dress NavyXXS RARE (Soon- TSS) {vitamingirl}
• Pose •  {Imeka} Rina – Pose Pack {Group Gift} {Natiwilliams}
Photo – Location – The Trace Too 


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