Hi sweeties! ♥
As many of you know the store M.birdie launched its new mesh head, called Yeni,
for lovers of a delicate face, the head is perfect, very well made,
I found her look so sexy and romantic! You can learn more about it visiting the flickr here!
See the credits and good shopping ^ _ ^”

184-01-bynatiwilliams 184-02-bynatiwilliams
• Head •*_M.birdie Story_*MESH HEAD-Yeni F (New) {monlmanl}
• Body • Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara {Onyx LeShelle}
• Hair •  Mithral * Lead @The Seasons Story (New) {Evadne Quintessa}
• Hair Bow • {Imeka} Skeleton Hair Bow {NatiWilliams}
• Outfit • B.C.C Star is the only light Outfit Navy @ The winter wonderland (New) {vitamingirl}
• Creeps • REIGN.- Creeps (Maitreya) The Kawaii Project  (New) {kenadeecole}

• D e c o r •

• Bed • floorplan.&Con. sleigh bed / lumberjack @N21 (New) {Tegan Serin and Wavie Haller}
• Lantern • {what next} Silver Alpbach Tree Lantern (snowy) (New)  {Winter Thorn}
• Faux throphy • {vespertine}faux throphy -dark {amelie.knelstrom}
• Lantern • {what next} Winter Harvest Lantern – Large  {Winter Thorn}
• Chair • {vespertine}granny’s armchair/brown {amelie.knelstrom}
• Table • {what next} Winter Harvest Picnic Table (with tablecloth)  {Winter Thorn}


• Soup Tray • {what next} Winter Harvest Soup Tray {Winter Thorn}
• Lanter • {what next} Winter Harvest Lantern – Small {Winter Thorn}
• Drinks • {what next} Winter Harvest Drinks Tray  {Winter Thorn}
• Jam Tarts • {what next} Winter Harvest Jam Tarts  {Winter Thorn}
• Picnic Hamper • {what next} Winter Harvest Picnic Hamper  {Winter Thorn}
• Artistic mess • {vespertine}artistic mess {amelie.knelstrom}
• Sketch books • {vespertine}sketchbooks {amelie.knelstrom}


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