Hi sweeties!
Well today I posted more wonderful items that are in Collabor88 and The Arcade!
The store [MUDSKIN] launched its new skin, I confess that I found it beautiful, available in 5 different colors!
My dress is a launch from the store u.f.o, always surprising me at every new creation! I love the details of this dress and its texture is very well done!
Run to C88 and see for yourself! ^ ^
To better create a better look nothing better then use beautiful jewelry! Isn’t it?
I chose the earring from the store Lagyo and the necklace from the store Yummy! Together they are perfect ❤
My fluffy Doge is in the event TCF, Launching from the store Alchemy, it is a gacha, see every type here! so cute <3333333
My sandal is a launching from the store fri.day, available in a lot of colors, perfect for creating looks for summer!
To finish the look I used the purse from my store {Imeka} , I thought this was perfect with sandals! Available in several colors in the event Kustom9.
Well my background, is a small decoration I made using several items from the store Flowey’s,
which are in Collabor88! See the credits and don’t forget to look at everything! ^^

see ya ♥ xo!

• Skin • [ MUDSKIN ]_Scarlett_Red Eyebrow_tone1 (New) {sopha.portal}
• Hair • MOON{hair}. Pieces of Sky @ Kustom9 (New) {silent.acoustic}
• Hat • =Zenith=Rattan ribbon Hat (snow) {Miffyhoi Rosca}
• Earrings • LaGyo_starfish earring Gold @ Collabor88 (New) {gyorgyna.larnia}
• Necklace • (Yummy) Anchor Necklace- Gold @ Collabor88 (New) {Polyester Partridge}
• Ice Cream • 8f8 – 8. Strawberry – Peach Ice Cream Please @ The Arcade (New) {8f8}
• Purse • {Imeka} Basic Purse 01 {Chocolate} @ Kustom9 (New) {NatiWilliams}
• Dog • Alchemy – Doge –  French bulldog – Brown @TCF (New) {nina.helix and tyr.rozenblum}
• Dress • ::{u.f.o}::neck ruffle maxi dress – khaki – @ Collabor88 (New) {charming.meiler}
• Sandals • fri. – Wayfaring.Sandals (Cocoa) @ Collabor88 (New) {Darling Monday}
• Pose • {Imeka}

• D e c o r •
• Car • {vespertine-travellers car/sky } @ The Arcade (New) {amelie.knelstrom}
• Umbrella • (epia) – Beach Umbrella @ The Arcade (New) {Verone Potez}
• Birds • Scarlet Creative The Arcade Love Birds @ The Arcade (New) {Charlotte Bartlett}
• Fishing Poles • PILOT – Fishing Poles @ Collabor88 (New) {Kaz Nayar}
• Cart • flowey’s original Fish&Chips snack cart  [empty] @ Collabor88 (New) {flutter.memel}
• Chair • flowey. pier chair – waves @ Collabor88  (New) {flutter.memel}
• Driftwood Seat •+Half-Deer+ Drift With Me – Driftwood Seat – Light @ Collabor88 (New) {Halogen Magic}
• Broccoli • *MishMish* Broccoli Accident – White (New) {aime.takaaki}
• Banjo • Zigana . banjo . nature RARE @ The Arcade (New) {Nalena Fairey}
• Beach Cushion • Sari-Sari – Summer House – Beach Cushion (blue) @ The Arcade (New) {stupidmonkey}
• Breakfast • Sway’s [Breakfast around the World] Kyoto.JP @ The Arcade (New) {Sway Dench}
• Fruits • {vespertine– fruit treats} @ The Arcade (New) {amelie.knelstrom}
• Take-out • VCO – Happy summer picnic ( Americano Take-out ) @ The Arcade (New) {yamette}
• Emoticon • Baiastice_Emoticons collection- Love @ The Arcade (New) {Sissy Pessoa}
• Emoticon • Baiastice_Emoticons collection- Angel @ The Arcade (New) {Sissy Pessoa}
• Chair • flowey. pier chair – captain @ Collabor88 (New) {flutter.memel}
• Bucket • flowey. original / empty bucket (blue) @ Collabor88 (New) {flutter.memel}
• Serving in the bucket • flowey’s original fish&chips / serving in the bucket (red) @ Collabor88 (New) {flutter.memel}
• Serving in the bucket • flowey’s original fish&chips / serving in the bucket (white) @ Collabor88 (New) {flutter.memel}
• Serving in the bucket • flowey’s original fish&chips / serving in the bucket (blue) @ Collabor88 (New) {flutter.memel}
• Complimentary •  flowey’s original complimentary extras @ Collabor88 (New) {flutter.memel}
• Botle • flowey’s original vinegar bottle – pour carefully! @ Collabor88 (New) {flutter.memel}
• Napkins • flowey’s original fish&chips / napkins @ Collabor88 (New) {flutter.memel}
• Milk • {theosophy} Donut Milk – A @ The Arcade (New) {trace.osterham}
• Vase • POTCHA. DECORING GATCHAX2 flower2 RARE @TCF (New) {cecilina}
• Fishy • Sari-Sari – Summer House – Mr. Fishy @ The Arcade (New) {stupidmonkey}


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