Hi Cuties!♥
Well this is one more post about the adorable items that are in The Arcade!
i already said that this round is incredible, i wish i could post everything lol,
there are so many items, here you will can see some that i choose to share with you all! I hope you like the post,
and don’t forget to click in the image to see in a bigger size ^^


143-01-bynatiwilliams 143-02-bynatiwilliams
• Skin • -Glam Affair- Livy skin- Artic – 10 D @ The Arcade (New) {aida.ewing}
• Gloss • .Birdy. {GLOSS} Candy {nina.helix}
• Hair • pr!tty – Adriana –(New) {karla.marama}
• Necklace • +Half-Deer+ NEKOlace – Siamese @TCF (New) {Halogen Magic}
• Food • *Tentacio* num num takoyaki box @ The Arcade (New) {May Tolsen}
• Glasses • +Half-Deer+ Summer Delights – Melty Sunglasses (Gold) @ The Arcade (New) {Halogen Magic}
• Bag • .Tokame. Poker Bag Diamond Blue @TCF (New) {Kamelia Snowfield}
• Blouse • :pesca:june blouse flower blue @ The Arcade (New) {tsugu.nirvana}
• Skirt • :pesca:june skirt flower blue @ The Arcade (New) {tsugu.nirvana}
• Shoes • Ingenue :: Jolie Heels (Slink Add-On) :: Aqua @ The Arcade (New) {betty.doyle}
• Pose • {Imeka}

• d e c o r •
• Sofa • *ionic* animals are my friends (sofa) {lakua Arriaga}
• Birds • *ionic* Piu! (bohemian) @TCF (New) {lakua Arriaga}
• Prints • floorplan. spring prints {tegan.serin}
• Frame • floorplan. leaning portrait frame {tegan.serin}
• Typewriter • *KOPI*  Classic Typewriter_Red {surfash.bade}
• Table • floorplan. garden table {tegan.serin}
• Phone • .aisling. Bric-a-Brac Desk -Phone- RARE {druunah.esharham}
• Juice • {Imeka} Lovely Juice RARE @ The Arcade (New) {NatiWilliams}
• Books • {Imeka} Sweet Books @ The Arcade (New) {NatiWilliams}


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