Hi sweeties!
Are you excited about the spring? Well I can say I’m loving it! I love the colors, the flowers, is so much joy together!
The event The Seasons Story is full of incredible items, one of them is this lovely dress from the store *katat0nik*
I love so much it’s texture, they are available in lovely colors! I thought that the sandal from the store fri.day matched perfectly with it, run to the event and get your ❤
My bag is a launching from my store {Imeka} it’s available in 10 different versions, see here on my flickr ❤ she is in the event Kustom9, costing 199L each version!
*Mishmish* launched this cute little bee, she is circling around your head, so cute! ❤
Some items used for decoration are from the store floorplan and cheeky pea! Check it all in the post ❤

• Skin • [theSkinnery] Valerie 10 (milk) DB CL1 RARE @ The Chapter Four (New)  {umazuma.metaluna}
• Lips • [ MUDSKIN ]_Ran_Lip_tone1 (New) {sopha.portal}
• Eyes • {S0NG} :: Hope~ Abyss Eye @ Kustom9 (New) {funeral.plutonian}
• Hair • pr!tty – Nora @ The Seasons Story (New) {karla.marama}
• Crown • =Zenith=Chrysanthemum Corolla @ The Chapter Four (New) {Miffyhoi Rosca}
• Necklace • Leonard! Vintage Charme Necklace @ The Seasons Story (New) {lady.leonard}
• Bouquet • VCO – Romantic Bouquet [RARE] @ The Seasons Story (New) {yamette}
• Bag • {Imeka} Flowery Mini Bag {Green} @ Kustom9 (New) {NatiWilliams}
• Bumblebee • *MishMish* A Bumblebee Friend (New) {aime.takaaki}
• Dress • *katat0nik* (butter/thin) Daffodil Dress @ The Seasons Story (New) {Katat0nik Pidgeon}
• Sandals • fri. – Sarah.Sandals (Daisy) @ The Seasons Story (New) {Darling Monday}
• Pose • {Imeka}

• D e c o r •
• Tea Set • :CP: Rainey Bistro Tea Set @ The Seasons Story (New) {Isla Gealach}
• Easter egg kit • floorplan. easter egg kit  (New) {tegan.serin}
• Vase • :CP: Rainey Bistro Vase @ The Seasons Story (New) {Isla Gealach}
• Table •  :CP: Rainey Bistro Table @ The Seasons Story (New) {Isla Gealach}
• Chair • :CP: Rainey Bistro Chair 1 @ The Seasons Story (New) {Isla Gealach}
• Basket • floorplan. vintage egg basket (New) {tegan.serin}
• Petunias • floorplan. bowl of petunias / resting @The Seraphim Social (New) {tegan.serin}
• Sign • Sari-Sari – Our Little Garden – Garden Sign @ The Seasons Story (New) {AbbyAnne}
• Lace canopy • Picnic lace canopy – antique covered wind {nyasyousa Oh}
• Empties Vases • Zigana . empties {Nalena Fairey}
• Broch tuarach • floorplan. broch tuarach @ The Garden {tegan.serin}
• Doll • Oh La La ::Doll B:: @ The Chapter Four (New) {sleepy.hermit}
• Post • HPMD* Groupgift – old post (gift){sasaya.kayo}
• Frame • floorplan. spring prints @ The Seasons Story (New) {tegan.serin}
• Grass • [we’re CLOSED] grass field green 01 – random (New) {mandingo.quan and Wendy Xeno}


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