Hi lovelies ❤ ^_^
Today I made a post using the new dress from the store {B.C.C} the model is so cute and sweet, I love the colors available. So smooth.
And to match the dress I used the Crown of flowers also from the store {B.C.C} I thought she was perfect with this hair,
Tyr is one of the latest releases from TRUTH the store is unique as always!
To my decorating in this environment i used some releases from the store [we’re CLOSED] that are my favorites when it comes
to garden, they look perfect in any environment, Even if it’s darker or more sweet like this, visit the store and see all the releases!
In the corner of my second picture you can see a sweet tray, it is KARMMA’s new launching, i particulary loved the textures,
I love all these colors together, these goodies seem so delicious : D

Hope you enjoy the post see ya ♥
• Skin • [theSkinnery] Zoey – Bare face (champagne) @TCF (New) {umazuma.metaluna}
• Freckles • [theSkinnery] Zoey – freckles@TCF  (New) {umazuma.metaluna}
• Hair • TRUTH HAIR Tyr (New) {Truth Hawks}
• Crown • B.C.C Vintage Pom Pom Flower Crown Ivory {vitamingirl}
• Necklace • LaGyo_Morgana’s necklace (unicorn’s blood and butterflies) {gyorgyna.larnia}
• Nails Polish • Nailed It – The Style Icon Set (New) {giela.delpaso}
• Dress • {B.C.C} Jane Empire Dress Ivory XS @ The Seraphim Social (New) {vitamingirl}
• Pet • !Ohmai: Mochi Mouse (Pet Ver – Hold) {Anya Ohmai}
• Butterflies • !Ohmai: Butterflies Aplenty [Ver2] {Anya Ohmai}

• Tree • [we’re CLOSED] light tree (New) {mandingo.quan and Wendy Xeno}
• Dry weed • [we’re CLOSED] dry weed S (New) {mandingo.quan and Wendy Xeno}
• Fence • [we’re CLOSED] old fence 1 (New) {mandingo.quan and Wendy Xeno}
• Swing • [we’re CLOSED] swing white wood {mandingo.quan and Wendy Xeno}
• Lights • [we’re CLOSED] party lights L2 (New) {mandingo.quan and Wendy Xeno}
• Tree • HPMD* Garden Tree04 – brown 2A  {sasaya.kayo}
• Grass • (Mesh)HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass06  {sasaya.kayo}
• Tray • KARMMA – Tea time tray (deco) (New) {Calypso Clip}
• Tools • KARMMA– Gardening tools (New) {Calypso Clip}
• Paint • KARMMA – Paint (New) {Calypso Clip}


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