Hi lovelies
Well today I did a little decoration to show own you some releases, the store [ARIA] made a lovely Set for The Garden,
I really loved the set, everything is so beautiful and the texture of the items are excelent, it’s model is a real dream room.
The Pieces can be purchased individually, prices for sets are: {PG Version: 1657L and Adult Version: 2179L}
Visit The Garden, it is full of lovely items to decorate your home, remembering that this round goes until November 10th!

Hope you enjoy the post, see ya

• Home • *bbqq*– humble abode {omiluo}
• Bed • [ARIA] Gaia bed @ The Garden (New) {yelo.uriza}
• Wood headboard  • [ARIA] Gaia natural wood slab headboard @ The Garden (New) {yelo.uriza}
• Table • [ARIA] Gaia bedside table @ The Garden (New) {yelo.uriza}
• Makeup • [ARIA] Gaia makeup tray @ The Garden (New) {yelo.uriza}
• Clothing Rack • [ARIA] Gaia clothing Rack with light  @ The Garden (New) {yelo.uriza}
• Light • [ARIA] Gaia table light @ The Garden (New) {yelo.uriza}
• Table • [ARIA] Gaia bedside table @ The Garden (New) {yelo.uriza}
• Antlers • [ARIA]Gaia faux antlers and flowers @ The Garden (New) {yelo.uriza}
• Antlers • [ARIA] Gaia faux antlers @ The Garden (New) {yelo.uriza}
• Plant • [ARIA] Gaia Zamioculcas plant @ The Garden (New) {yelo.uriza}
• Rug • [ARIA] Gaia shag rug @ The Garden (New) {yelo.uriza}
• Books • floorplan. book clutter  {tegan.serin}
• Frame • Trompe Loeil – Baybrooke Framed Print – Garlic {cory.edo}
• Lamp • Trompe Loeil -Baybrooke Bird Lamp Rusty {cory.edo}
• Chair • Trompe Loeil – Ashdon Chair @ Fameshed  {cory.edo}
• Lamp • *bbqq*-silhouette lamp-Cat (old-The Arcade) {omiluo}
• Open Suitcase • -tb- Bon Voyage – Open Suitcase (old-The Arcade) {Julliette Westerburg}
• Folded Clothes • -tb-Bon Voyage – Folded Clothes (old-The Arcade) {Julliette Westerburg}
• MP3 • -tb-Bon Voyage – MP3 (Purple) (old-The Arcade) {Julliette Westerburg}
• Shoes • :NuDoLu: Derby compense Bijoux dentelle RARE (old-The Arcade) {Neuilles Neuman}
• Flats • TD TEMPLATES (Yellow) Ladies MESH Zipped Ribbon Flats (old-The Arcade) {Typhaon Nishi}


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