Hi Lovelies!
The store Toki-Doki made this beautiful sweater, I loved it’s colors, they are perfect for this season,
you can buy the colors Mustard or Black in TRD, for only 70L. There is also a new Group Gift,
visit the shop and check it out, you will love it ❤
My skirt is a launching from the store B.C.C I loved so much the model, its texture is so beautiful, you can buy it at TDR
Today I posted a few more items that are in Collabor88, take a lookt at them all! ^ ^
Have you ever heard of My 60L Secret? Well it is a new sales group,
where the products of the participating shops cost only 60L by the period of (12:01AM Friday – 11:59PM Monday).
You can learn more about it, visiting the Blog- My 60L Secret , and can also see the list of participating stores on their blog.
Well this is a lovely fence is a launching from the store By Dorian,
the store is participating in the My 60L Secret with this lovely fence kit, the kit allows you to build your own fence with five types of parts supplied.
And they are modifiable, which I think is actually really great, liked? then run and take yours ,before the promotion ends.

Hope you like the post, see ya
56-01-bynatiwilliams 56-02-bynatiwilliams
• Skin • *(OO)*YUKI_Monnani (Daffodil) {ooyuki.mint}
• Hair • Clawtooth: Merci beaucoup – Girl Next Door @Collabor88 {Bubbles Clawtooth}
• Necklace • (Yummy)Tiny Acorn Necklace – Gold (Short length) @Collabor88 {Polyester Partridge}
• Eyes • [UMEBOSHI] for (marukin) Intense dark brown eyes @ DU52013 (New) {keiba}
• Notebook • flowey. flutterkins notebook – opened / badger L @Collabor88 {flutter.memel}
• Nails Appliers • Nailed It – Fashion Duo Set {giela.delpaso}
• Coffee • ::LEO-NT:: Coffee to Go ❤ (Group-Gift-fee to join) {lady.leonard}
• Bag • ::{u.f.o}::minkomink bag – brown (New) The Seasons Story {charming.meiler}
• Top • {Sugar Heart} Well Loved Woodland Creature Tees ~ Squirrel (New) The Seasons Story {Sugar Heartsdale}
• Sweater • (TokiD) Juliana sweater_ (cream) (New) {maya.levane}
• Skirt • B.C.C Petite baby Skirts Brown (New) @TDRF {vitamingirl}
• Boots • (fd) Bossy Boots – Floral Pink + Orange {Toast Bard}
• Pose • {Imeka~}

• Pavemento • -[ Zacca ]- Sculpted Pavement01 *early spring {CROSS Jupiter}
• Bookstack • {vespertine – bookstack/red} {amelie.knelstrom}
• Mushroom • [we’re CLOSED] shrooms red {mandingo.quan} and {Wendy Xeno}
• BirdHouse • :SJ: Cheep! CandyFlower (BirdHouse) (New) {IchigoJamu}
• Bucket • POST: Bucket of Autumn Orchard Apples {Van Auster}
• Spigot • POST: Old Garden Spigot {Van Auster}
• Weasel • HPMD* Weasel – brown(S) v1.0 {sasaya.kayo}
• Pumpkin • 11th Hour: Pumpkin Planter (SoonFantasy Gacha Fair) {river.stromfield}
• Pumpkin • 11th Hour: Pumpkin Patch (SoonFantasy Gacha Fair) {river.stromfield}
• Fence • . By Dorian T Fence (New) {dorian.meredith}
• Shrub • [we’re CLOSED] shrub 02 autumn S {mandingo.quan} and {Wendy Xeno}
• Tree • [we’re CLOSED] tree 02D autumn {mandingo.quan} and {Wendy Xeno}
• Trees • Enchanted Woods {Alex Bader}
• Grass • [we’re CLOSED] grass field dry {mandingo.quan} and {Wendy Xeno}


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