Hi sweeties ^_^/”
Well today I brought news from The Seasons Story, Collabor88 and The Arcade.
The Event The Seasons Story, is full of wonderful shops, like the store “”D!va”” which launched the Kalli2,
simply beautiful! I love so much her accessory of leaves with fruits, you can change the color of both!
The store *BOOM*, launched this cute bag with a texture so cute of leaves and flowers,
available in beautiful colors perfect for the season ❤
NEO** has made Tattoo so beautiful, I really loved this flowers with butterflies! Also available at The Seasons Story.
I’m in love with this dress from the store tram, it’s model is so cute,
Moca really made it so perfect, I love its texture and detail on the shoulder.
My necklace is a launching from the store MG (Maxi Gossamer), I loved the idea of leaves and color options!
It is available at Collabor88. And by the way his round of Collabor88 is incredible!
My boots are also in Collabor88, I loved so much the model, and I confess I loved this color, it’s a release of *League*.
Well you may already know that my pose store is participating in The Seasons Story,
and today I’m using the Pose Pack Kylle that is in the event, costing 100L.
Now let’s talk about The Arcade, one of my favorite events, I bet you’ve been having fun in gacha,
if not hurry and do not miss this fun, and you’ll love everything!
Like items from the store vespertine, they are incredible, perfect for you to decorate your home for fall ❤
The store + Halft Deer + launched these cute animals, you’ve probably seen it on my blog,
I’m in love with them, they are so cute! More colors available, and other animals.

Hope you enjoy the post, see ya
38-01-bynatiwilliams 38-02-bynatiwilliams
• Skin • .::Mother Goose’s::. SiSi_III_02 (New) {milok.hermit}
• Eyes • “tSg” Spilled Milk – Hazel {eilfie.sugarplum}
• Hair • “”D!va”” Hair “Kalli2” (Amber) 1  @ The Seasons Story (New) {Marisa Kira}
• Earrings • MG – Earrings – Nima’s Fall Leaf Earrings @Collabor88 (New) {Maxi Gossamer}
• Necklace • MG – Necklace – Nima’s Fall Leaf Necklace @Collabor88 (New) {Maxi Gossamer}
• Bag • *BOOM* Studio Tote (Brown) @ The Seasons Story (New) {aranel.ah}
• Dress • tram -fringe knit dress @ The Seasons Story (New) {moca.loup}
• Tattoo • NEO** Knee tattoo – Nabi – brown @ The Seasons Story (New) {briceneo}
• Boots •  *League* Lauren Wedge Boots Burgundy @Collabor88 (New) {Nena Janus}
• Pose • {Imeka~}Kylle-Pose 4 @ The Seasons Story (New) {NatiWilliams}

• Bed • {vespertine– acorn bed}RARE @The Arcade (New) {amelie.knelstrom}
• Owl • +Half-Deer+ Carved Woodland Animals (Fawn Owl) RARE @The Arcade (New) {Halogen Magic}
• Butterfly • <:*BoOgErS*:> Butterfly Costume @The Arcade (New) {Zen Zarco}
• Pwnie • (Rusty) Pwnie Floppy ~silentsparrow~ @The Arcade (New) {hyasynth.tiramisu}
• Juice basket • {vespertine– apple juice basket} @The Arcade (New) {amelie.knelstrom}
• Fox • +Half-Deer+ Carved Woodland Animals (Fawn Fox) RARE @The Arcade (New) {Halogen Magic}
• Chair • {vespertine– attic chair/red} @The Arcade (New) {amelie.knelstrom}
• Camera • -tb- Bon Voyage – Vintage Camera @The Arcade (New) {Julliette Westerburg}
• Table • {vespertine– attic table/yellow} @The Arcade (New) {amelie.knelstrom}
• Vases • Zigana . vases @The Arcade (New) {Nalena Fairey}
• Tiny table • Zigana . tiny table rose @The Arcade (New) {Nalena Fairey}
• Books • AF Arts & Crafts Books {warehousefifteendesigns}
• Squirrel • +Half-Deer+ Carved Woodland Animals (Fawn Squirrel) RARE @The Arcade (New) {Halogen Magic}
• Tub • floorplan. tub of apples @Collabor88 (New) {tegan.serin}
• Mermaid • Culprit Phoebe de la Mer Moon RARE @The Arcade (New) {eku Zhong}
• Coffee • .:Standby Inc. – CH Gatcha – Latte (Flower) @The Arcade (New) {StandbyInc}
• Mermaid • Culprit Phoebe de la Mer Blowfish @The Arcade (New) {eku Zhong}
• Trees • Enchanted Woods {Alex Bader}


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