Hi sweeties!
Well this post I will be posting on my blog, and Designers United.
This is my second post especially for this great event, which begins September 15th and runs until October 4th!
So many wonderful items, I really loved everyone!
The store (fd) made this lovely dress and hair, they are simply perfect!
What to say from the skin of *MY UGLYDOROTHY (wonderful!!!), my favorite doll skin!
Well the store *bbqq* made his gramophone, so cute and creative, I love it’s color palette!
My beautiful poses are from the store dfo!, Also for the DU2013, they are so stylish and creative!
Soon you may also purchase these beautiful items!

I hope you like the post, see ya ❤

32-01-bynatiwilliams 32-02-bynatiwilliams
• Skin • *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Ugly Doll3 @DU2013 (Coming Soon) {sopha.portal}
• Hair • (fd) Swept Away Hair – Roots 4 @DU2013 (Coming Soon) {Toast Bard}
• Eyes •  [Crash Republic] Rebel Eyes – hazel {Isabelle Requiem}
• Ring • [ glow ] studio Picture Show Ring @DU2013 (Coming Soon) {linka.demina}
• Necklace • (fd) Swept Away Necklace – Gold @DU2013 (Coming Soon) {Toast Bard}
• Dress • (fd) Swept Away Dress – Cream @DU2013 (Coming Soon) {Toast Bard}
• Gramophone • *bbqq*-shanghai vintga gramophone[C]-mini-wear @DU2013 (Coming Soon) {omiluo}
• Gramophone • *bbqq*-shanghai vintga gramophone[C] @DU2013 (Coming Soon) {omiluo}
• All Poses • dfo! escape @DU2013 (Coming Soon) {willa.whybrow}


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