Hi all ❤
The store [we’re CLOSED] did their new items! Aww I loved everything, it’s so well done and beautiful,
perfect for the season that is coming,
if you are looking for items in this style be sure to visit the shop, you’ll love it!
Well the store :CP: launched its items for the FaMESHed, its texture is excellent as always, sofa available as part of the set or separately.
I loved the animals that shop +Half-Deer+ released for the arcade, they are so cute, available in several colors! Good luck at the gacha ❤
The Whiskey & Cigar is totally incredible, it is a launching from the store O.M.E.N for The Mens Department,
there are also other items for sale, be sure to check!
The store Mishmish surprises me with each new release, and this time they made this beautiful owl and book simply so cute,
I love so much the texture of this Owl,
available at the event Dream Garden, visit and take yours ❤

Hope you enjoy the post, see ya ❤

• Pier • :CP: Port Isaac Pier Complete @ FaMESHed (New) {Isla Gealach}
• Sofa • :CP: Port Isaac Sofa @ FaMESHed (New) {Isla Gealach}
• Bales • [we’re CLOSED] hay bales autumn (New) {mandingo.quan}
• Clothes Line •  [we’re CLOSED] clothes line autumn (New) {mandingo.quan}
• Candle • [we’re CLOSED] paint can candle metal 2 (New) {mandingo.quan}
• Lantern • [we’re CLOSED] dark wood lantern large books (New) {mandingo.quan}
• Bale • [we’re CLOSED] hay bale small autumn (New) {mandingo.quan}
• Poles • [we’re CLOSED] power poles V2 (New) {mandingo.quan}
• Owl • *MishMish* Tawny Owl @Dream Garden (New) {Aime Takaaki}
• Book • *MishMish* Proper Care of Owls Book @Dream Garden (New) {Aime Takaaki}
• Shrooms • [we’re CLOSED] shrooms red {mandingo.quan}
• Whiskey & Cigar • O.M.E.N – Whiskey & Cigar set @The Mens Department (New) {damascusvera}
• Squirrel • +Half-Deer+ Carved Woodland Animals (Fawn Squirrel) RARE @The Arcade (New) {Halogen Magic}
• Deer • +Half-Deer+ Carved Woodland Animals (Fallow Deer) @The Arcade (New) {Halogen Magic}
• Fox • +Half-Deer+ Carved Woodland Animals (Fawn Fox) RARE @The Arcade (New) {Halogen Magic}
• Grass • [we’re CLOSED] grass field dry {mandingo.quan}
• Tree • Botanical – Bare Sugar Maple {Kriss Lehmann}



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