Hi sweeties! * ^. ^
Well today my post has news from The Arcade and from The Chapter Four!
The store Monso launched My Speech Bubble, I loved the idea so much, when you click it reproduces the sound of speech!
Simply amazing and adorable ❤ I love comics and loved the idea, available in 13 types, soon at The Arcade for September.
awww! The store BCC launched this cute, suitcase, just lovely, I loved the idea of toasts and it makes me hungry lol!, Available in 16 types and 3 rares!
I loved the backpacks from the store :pesca: for The Arcade, they are so beautiful, in total there are 27 types, and 3 rares!
The store So Many Styles made this beautiful Cardigan, I love soo much this green shade!, It will be available at The Chapter Four.
I loved the style of the Moccasins that the store -ATTIC- launched, it’s so beautiful and well made, available in various colors! Soon in The Chapter Four

Hope you enjoy the post see ya ❤
24-01-bynatiwilliams 24-02-bynatiwilliams
• Skin • *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Norah Base_Tone1 {sopha.portal}
• Hair • [monso] My Hair – Amy/ Black Brown {Morphine Janick}
• Eyes • “tSg” Realize Hazel {eilfie.sugarplum}
• Teeth • Izzie’s – Teeth 1 {Izzie Button}
• Nails Appliers • Nailed It – Glitter Silver Set {giela.delpaso}
• Necklace •  ::LEONARD:: Shard Pendant Necklace -oriental- (New) (Coming soon -The Chapter Four)  {lady.leonard}
• Speech Bubble • [monso] My Speech Bubble – Bye Bye (New) (Coming soon -The Arcade) {Morphine Janick}
• Backpack • :pesca: canvas and leather backpack/map1 (New) (Coming soon -The Arcade) {tsugu.nirvana}
• Bag • B.C.C I love toast Backpacks-Toast Travel Bag R [pose] RARE (New) (Coming soon -The Arcade) {vitamingirl}
• Cardigan • {SMS} Simple Cardigan Plain Olive (New) (Coming soon -The Chapter Four) {irie.campese}
• Top • ::BB:: Freebie Printed Tanks (Free) {suetabulous.yootz}
Skirt • ::{u.f.o}:: bee is on the flower – coral {charming.meiler}
Tights • //LUNARICON// Ombre Suspenders – Sunray (New) (Coming soon -The Chapter Four) {Tante Crazyboi}
 Moccasins• -ATTIC- Floral Moccasins Gold (New) (Coming soon -The Chapter Four) {Citta Wiskee}


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