Hi all ❤
Well today I made my second post especially for The garden, with this months theme Area 51.
I loved all the items, they are all so well done and creative! If you haven’t visited yet, run and do not miss this fun ❤

❝ Hope you enjoy the post, see ya ❤ ❞

• Fence  LISP – Mesh – Bluebell Fence with Posts – Green @Collabor 88(New) {Pandora Popstar}
O.M.E.N – Invasion – We Walk Among You – Wood Light @ The Garden (New) {damascusvera}
• Bed • [Con.] Stepside Bed – Red @ The Garden (New) {valiantco}
• Caravan • :CP: Roswell Caravan – Raspberry @ The Garden (New) {Isla Gealach}
• Ufo • [PM]Pixel Mode – UFO –  Black Pink @ The Garden (New) {Tya Fallingbridge}
• Planter • 11th Hour: Rocket Planter – Space Invaders @ The Garden (New) {river.stromfield}
• Pilot Trainer • Culprit Pilot Trainer Ride @ The Garden (New) {eku Zhong}
• Ufo Chaser • Culprit Ufo Chaser @ The Garden (New) {eku Zhong}
• Tree • Botanical – Spring Sugar Maple {Kriss Lehmann}
Grass • (Mesh)HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass07 {sasaya.kayo}


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