Hi sweeties!
Did you ever visited The Garden? Well this month the theme is Area 51, I confess that I loved the theme,
and all the designers made items so creative!
Well I did a post with several items that are in The Garden, so many incredible things, loved it all!
Everything is so well done, this theme is really fun and one of my favorites ❤
Visit The Garden and have fun with so many wonderful items!

❝I hope you enjoy the post, see ya ❀-❀
• House •  *ionic* Every day is a new house {minimal needs}  7 {lakua Arriaga}
• Bed • <:*BoOgErS*:> Fancy Bed Sapphire @ Collabor 88 (New) {Zen Zarco}
Rug 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Meteor Rug @ The Garden (New) {Paco Pooley}
• Aliens • *MishMish* It’s Aliens – Holding Photo @ The Garden (New) {Aime Takaaki}
• Frames  .:Standby Inc. – Conspiracy Frames @ The Garden (New) {StandbyInc}
• Frame •
.Olive. the Invasion Painting – White Frame @ The Garden (New) {naminaeko}
• Bookshelf
Second Spaces area 51 bookshelf @ The Garden (New) {Elle Kirshner}
Rockets   Second Spaces area 51 rockets @ The Garden (New) {Elle Kirshner}
• Book floorplan. composition notebook {tegan.serin}

• Desk •  Second Spaces area 51 desk @ The Garden (New) {Elle Kirshner}
• Chair • Second Spaces area 51 desk chair
@ The Garden (New) {Elle Kirshner}
• Alien • Alouette – Purple Alien Cutout @ The Garden (New) {Scarlet Chandrayaan}
• Ray Gun •  [PM]Pixel Mode – Ray Gun – Orange (PROP) @ The Garden (New) {Tya Fallingbridge}
• Drawer • floorplan. book drawer {tegan.serin}
Chuck-a-Luck • Intrigue Co. – Chuck-a-Luck Game @ Collabor 88 (New) {intrigueco}
Alien .Olive. the Alien Lawn Gnome C – Blue @ The Garden (New) {naminaeko}
• Shoes • // LUNARICON // – Slip Ons//Flora05 L @ The Chapter Four (New) {Tante Crazyboi}
• Cat • Candy Crunchers  Pettingl Kitty – With Pose (Hunt) {kittymeow.tigerpaw}
• Cat • Candy Crunchers  PlayFul Kitty – With Pose (Hunt) {kittymeow.tigerpaw}
Alien .Olive. the Alien Lawn Gnome D – Blue @ The Garden (New) {naminaeko}

• Alien  .Olive. the Alien Lawn Gnome B – Pink @ The Garden (New) {naminaeko}
Ufos Second Spaces area 51 ufos
@ The Garden (New) {Elle Kirshner}
• Ufo • *MishMish* It’s Aliens – Mini UFO – Blue @ The Garden (New) {Aime Takaaki}
Lamp A.V. Rover Brain Lamp @ The Garden (New) {stephanvisconti}
• Comics • Second Spaces area 51 comics @ The Garden (New) {Elle Kirshner}
• Lamp • floorplan. book stack lamp / blue ombre {tegan.serin}

• Books Second Spaces area 51 books @ The Garden (New) {Elle Kirshner}
• Book   floorplan. open book {tegan.serin}
Music Box • [ContraptioN] Music Box: The Steganographer @ Collabor 88 (New) {faust.steamer}
• Alien • .Olive. the Alien Lawn Gnome A – Blue @ The Garden (New) {naminaeko}
• Ufo • *MishMish* It’s Aliens – Mini UFO – Red @ The Garden (New) {Aime Takaaki}
• Ray Gun • Second Spaces area 51 ray gun *pewpew!*
@ The Garden (New) {Elle Kirshner}
• Bottles  BALACLAVA!! Gatsby Mansion Mini Bottles @ Collabor 88 (New) {uriah.eulenberg}

• Board Second Spaces area 51 bulletin board @ The Garden (New) {Elle Kirshner}
• Paper floorplan. wall paper
• Lights • .Olive. the Invasion Hanging Lights – Pink @ The Garden (New) {naminaeko}
• Food • :poche Japanese style breakfast {miyu Adder}


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